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2011 in review


Harry Potter

The International Statute of Secrecy: The Early Years

Isaac Newton and the Statute of Secrecy

Finding Muggleborn children pre-Hogwarts Quill

Whatever happened to Head Boy Riddle?

Dumbledore’s Horcrux

Star Wars

The Courtship of Princess Leia Read-Through, Chapter Seventeen


The movie that defines a generation?

Suffragists, slaughterhouses, Salt, ballroom dance, and the Pony Express

Book Review: Lion’s Blood

Short book review: Civilizations

How to become Empress of a world

Silver Phoenix and Paper Mage: separated at birth?

Literary Minority Report: The Name of the Wind


Now there’s some writing advice I can get behind!

This mystery concept is either brilliant or laughable

Women Around the World Who Shaped Early Science Fiction

Some links for Black History Month

Fannish links from B5 to Homer

Links on subjects related to fantasy
spandex jackets

2010 in Review

Some entries appear on both LiveJournal and DreamWidth, while some are only on LJ. I've added the links to both after the title of the entry when they exist so you can pick which site you prefer.


  • Too many awesome books, too little time (LJ)
  • Book Reviews: Stuck in the 19th Century (LJ / DW)
  • Give your literary minority report (LJ / DW)
  • The banned books you’ve read meme (LJ / DW)

    On Steampunk as a Subgenre

  • And one day I’ll get around to reading more of the genre itself (LJ / DW)
  • And now for something completely different (LJ / DW)
  • In which some steampunk tries to riff off the 19th century without being stuck in it (LJ / DW)


  • Adding some context to evaluating female characters (LJ / DW)
  • Is this a trope I’ve missed? (LJ / DW)
  • Anyone want to recast history with me? (LJ)


    Star Trek

  • Speculations on Vulcan political factions (LJ)
  • How many Vulcans were already off-world during the Battle of Vulcan? (LJ)
  • Because I couldn’t find it, I made my own [Trek XI all your base] (LJ)
  • Joanna Russ on Star Wars and Star Trek (LJ)

    Star Wars

  • There’s something familiar about this plot (LJ)
  • Courtship Read-through, Chapter 16 (LJ)

    Battlestar Galactica/Caprica

  • Vocab nitpick of the day, plus Caprica (LJ)
  • And they have a plan… possibly in their other pants (LJ)

    Harry Potter

  • News, old news, and fanfic rec (LJ)


  • Things that make you go WHAT (LJ)
  • Not late, because the Declaration wasn’t signed until August 2nd anyway (LJ)
  • I know this is complicated legal theory, but – oh wait, we learned this in 5th grade (LJ)
  • In which someone provides massively insufficient information (LJ)
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    2009 in Review

    Gandalf and book

    2008 in Review: Sunny came home with a bucketload of meta


    2007 In Review: Sunny Came Home with a Compulsion to List Things

    It occurred to me that making my 2006 In Review post took forever because I did the whole year at once, and that I would prefer to work smarter, not harder. So I'm forward-dating this to January 1, 2008, and will add to it throughout the year.

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    Whew. Even getting up through April took freaking forever. At least it will be easier from here on!
    spandex jackets

    2007 In Review: Fiction

    Warning: Will be locked or removed if the Fic Apocalypse comes.


    • The Despairing Girl in the Mirror SW/HP crossover with Padmé and Merope.
    • Always Known Luke and Leia were more aware of their connection when they were young, to their guardians' dismay.
    • Indebted Chewbacca has plenty of trouble already, being broke and on the run after escaping Imperial slavery. Then he runs into the last person in the galaxy he wants to see: the human who freed him.
    • Shmi's Sons Owen isn't Anakin, but he's still a special boy.

    2006 In Review: Sunny Came Home with a List of Names... or a list of something, anyway

    My first full calendar year on LJ is complete! Because I love taking things apart, this means it's time to analyze what exactly I did all year. Thank Frank the Goat for tags, which make this much easier. Hey, I actually wrote more than I thought!

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    ...and all the other stuff I may have posted this year is either short or I overlooked it somehow. Looking back, I got a lot more done than I thought. Some things were very on-the-fly, yes, but still a lot more work I'm at least moderately satisfied with.
    Gandalf and book

    2005 In Review: Now All On One Blog!

    It took me two years to actually bother backing up my starwars.com blog entries here, but I've finally done it. So now I have enough 2005 entries to make a post gathering all the links to them convenient.

    I've had a lot of fun going back and reading what I thought in 2005. Some of the stuff still works for me, other stuff not as much. It's like opening a time capsule. Neat!

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