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In which someone provides massively insufficient information

Don't you hate it when you're reading a perfectly innocent-sounding article about information-seeking behavior and motivation and come across something like this?

"Interestingly, 25% of the women claimed the right as part of a diverse community to not have their opinions challenged at all, as opposed to only 6% of the men. In fact, other statements in the study suggested that the men fully expected that their views would be challenged by others. This ability or inability to accept dissonance will be seen in other research among students as well and is attributed by researchers to students being at various stages of cognitive development."1

This article is only briefly summarizing someone else's study before moving on, so it does not answer crucial questions such as "how were those survey questions framed, exactly?" Because that makes a difference. Did these 25% of women [Grinnell students] actually mean, "I think I have the right not to have to hear pesky facts from other people that might contradict my opinions," or did they mean "Certain groups of people continue to treat my opinions as invalid no matter how well I support them, and I have the right not to listen to their vitriolic and utterly predictable rants"? It is possible to have your opinions challenged with arguments you've heard a million times already, rather than by a new argument which merits consideration every time. Did the study take that into account? Without knowing the exact questions asked, we can't really be sure that this data supports the idea that Grinnell women are on average at a lower "stage of cognitive development" than Grinnell men.

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1Weiler, A., “Information-seeking Behavior in Generation Y Students: Motivation, Critical Thinking and Learning Theory,” Journal of Academic Librarianship 31:1 (2005): 46-53.
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Vocab nitpick of the day, plus Caprica

Dear fanfic authors,

I know they are etymologically related and it's confusing, but you mean "ravished," not "ravaged."

Sunny (who is considering ravaging - not ravishing - the cookie supply)

In other etymology news, I just realized something about the new BSG spinoff show Caprica: Collapse )
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Speculations on Vulcan political factions

Item #1: I defeated an HMO with logic! "Ahem. Here are the reasons why you are wronger than a Klingon boy band and should give me health insurance: [detailed list of their reasons for the original denial of coverage with rebuttals]." Their tightfisted financial people agreed with me. Hah!

Item #2: I want to set up Henry VIII and the Wife of Bath to see who would win. He's king and she's a fictional commoner, but on the other hand, she has five dead husbands (and whether she helped them along, well...) while he only killed two of his six wives.

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So, does anyone else think too much about Vulcan politics?