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Luke's Crucial Distraction, or, How Not to Endanger the Mission

Waaaay back, I forget in which entry, I wondered how Han explained Luke's disappearance right before the Battle of Endor to the Rebels. morgan_d recalled that in the novelization (I think), Han told them he'd sent Luke off to distract Vader, or something like that.

It now occurs to me that the plan actually worked perfectly despite not being a real plan.

Suppose that instead of planning a Jedi/Sith mixer with lots of Skywalker Family Drama, Vader and the Emperor had popped Luke into carbon freeze so they could deal with him once the battle was over and his friends were dead? You'd think they'd both go for that plan. The Emperor could pay attention to the battle (and maybe have Vader knocked off), and the un-distracted Vader could kick Rebel ass while planning to spend lots of family time convincing Luke to join him against the Emperor. With a still-alive Emperor in possession of a functional Death Star, Luke might go for it more readily than last time.

Maybe the Rebels still would have blown up the Death Star II with Vader and the Emperor on it. On the other hand, with Vader's time free, he could hop in his TIE and head out into battle himself, like last time - and then Lando and Wedge might have been toast. Imagine: the Death Star II doesn't blow up. Therefore, the Rebel fleet keeps getting pounded and finally wiped out. The remaining Imperials blast the site of the former shield generator, disposing of the remaining Rebels (and hostile Ewoks), and then head down to build a new shield generator. The Empire remains intact, Vader, Emperor, and Death Star II included - only now the Rebel fleet and command structure has been wiped out.

Kind of a depressing scenario for Luke to wake up to.

Or try this version: Luke stays with the Rebels as per the original plan, Vader joins the ground assault to get to him, the Rebels thus fail to destroy the shield generator, the Emperor stays alive and in control the the Death Star II, the Rebel fleet and high command gets wiped out, and now Luke (and possibly his friends as hostages for Luke's good behavior) is again Vader's prisoner. Still pretty depressing.

Maybe Luke did plan the distraction. Even if he failed to redeem his father, at least he could distract Vader long enough to give his friends a fighting chance.
spandex jackets

4 SW Icons

I was messing around with some ANH screencaps and Firefly taglines, and this is the result. If anyone wants to use these, go right ahead! Credit would be nice, but it's not like I'll track you down if you don't.

As always, Lucasfilm and associates own the images, and I make no profit from this and claim no credit. Screencap for the first three done by made_by_lily, found through cap_it.

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Other miscellany: wouldn't Aimee Mann's song Ghost World be great for a vid about Luke bumming around Anchorhead and the Lars Homestead "with college [/the Academy] out of reach"? Really, take a look at the chorus:

So I'm bailing this town
Or tearing it down
Or probably more like hanging around
Hanging around

Or in Luke-speak, "I guess I'm going nowhere." And the bridge would be perfect for a flash of Leia's hologram and Ben handing Luke the lightsaber:

And all that I need now is someone
with the brains and the know-how
to tell me what I want... anyhow

You'd need to use the cut scenes with Biggs and Camie and everyone, probably. I don't think exist in high-quality format yet - but they might in the Super-Duper Specialer Edition which will surely come out someday soon.

Alas, I have no vidding skills. But if anyone ever finds or makes this, let me know!

"Bound," Mara drabblette (aka "The joy of looking through old journals")

I totally forgot about this. That isn't so surprising, since it was in June and it's only 55 words long, but I really should keep better track of things. I mean, I have a table of contents for my (paper) journal, so this should be in it, right? (Adding it now...)

I must have been in a strange mood to write this.

Title: Bound
Fandom: Star Wars (Disclaimer)
Categories: Het, PG
Word Count: 55
Summary: Mara has a very good reason to be thrilled about her wedding to Luke.

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"A Farmboy Confronts the Emperor," RotJ crackfic

I've been trying to write more fiction lately, and to write more short things, because I write slowly and I write long, so I need the practice. But I just couldn't come up with anything serious, so I have this instead.

Title: A Farmboy Confronts the Emperor
Fandom: Star Wars (Disclaimer)
Categories: PG, Gen, Crack
Summary: The following is a random little crack-fic version of the throne room scene from Return of the Jedi where Luke asks the questions we've all wanted to ask the emperor: why is he wearing a ratty old bathrobe, and when was the last time he washed it?

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Use the Brain, Ben! Part II: The Sherlocks

So the PT characters missed the boat on the whole "but who ordered the clones?" issue. And didn't do too well tracking the Sith despite having 13 years to do it... and didn't start suspecting Palpatine was up to something until the end of his 13 years as Chancellor... despite a lot of the answers being "elementary, my dear Padawan." That's not such a good track record.

But how do the OT characters stack up? Are they as oblivious to plot devices as their parents and mentors?

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