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Vocab nitpick of the day, plus Caprica

Dear fanfic authors,

I know they are etymologically related and it's confusing, but you mean "ravished," not "ravaged."

Sunny (who is considering ravaging - not ravishing - the cookie supply)

In other etymology news, I just realized something about the new BSG spinoff show Caprica: Collapse )
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BSG miscellany

Ahahaha! As it turns out, we do have an answer as to whether all this will happen again: remember the Terminators?

We will also find out what the Cylon plan was in the fall, when The Plan, a two-hour special, airs. You know, if you tell us the Cylons have a plan in every intro for 3+ seasons, but don't reveal what that plan is in the actual show, there is a problem. Major things like that are best not left to spinoffs.

Random... when Kara told Baltar, "I'm not an angel," did anyone else Dido's "No Angel" (available for listening here)?

Also, if Lee had a theme song for his relationship with his father, I bet it would be Linkin Park's "Numb" (lyrics).
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Islanded in a Stream of Narcissism

I think I have figured out why Cavil became the Evil Cylon Leader instead of just another Cylon model. It's because each side must have an egomaniacal old man in charge. Collapse )

The greater presence of the Eights lately reminds me of something Adama said back in the miniseries, something which Athena reminded him of when she was still incarcerated: he asked if humans deserved to survive, and she said maybe they don't. The way the show is going, I'm starting to agree with her. (Besides, it would tie it all together so nicely.) Not that the Cylon do either. Maybe the show will end with the end of all known sentient life! I'm not sure any other show has gone that far yet - it would make television history. And in this case, some fans might be rooting for that ending...

Or maybe I'm just cranky. If you want to be cranky with me, someone has made great Adama macros. Weed: because really, it's not like your decisions could get any WORSE.
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BSG is losing hull integrity

Soooo... there's only three episodes left, and I do not see how they can possibly wrap this up satisfactorily. Especially if we spend 30% of the time watching Adama wander around drunk staring at the cracks in the ceiling. Or watching Kara listen to some guy play the piano.

Speaking of which, where did they get a piano? Was it just taking up valuable space which could house an entire family until someone said, "Hey, let's donate it to the bar!" or what? Why did they not throw it out the airlock ages ago?

And of course we still don't know where they're getting all the booze. They've finally mentioned that they synthesize coffee out of algae (and are they growing algae now or did they scoop up a year's supply of the stuff?), but we don't know about the alcohol. Just that they never run out. Ever. Or even run low.

During the last episode, my dad asked, "So, when they're at the bar, what do they use to pay?" I told him we have no frakking idea. Zarek mentioned that the economy makes no sense all the way back in Colonial Day, yet they go right on using paper money at least to Black Market and probably still.

Honestly, that bar is more trouble than it's worth.

I also still want to know where Lee is getting all these nicely-tailored suits. Add Roslin's athletic wear to the list, too.

Collapse )
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Dee and the Admiral

I've been re-watching Season 3 of BSG, and one of the cut scenes for "Rapture" struck me as particularly interesting. It's an extended version of the scene where Dee is trying to rescue the morph-addled Starbuck, and Starbuck says, "I love Sam, I hate Sam. I love Lee, I hate Lee. I have to cheat just to keep the pieces all nice and neat." In the aired version, Dee slaps Starbuck and says to stay with her because she needs to help her rewire the avionics system.

In the longer, cut version, she continues with a speech which I'll transcribe as well as my memory allows: "Starbuck, this isn't because you're frakked up because of what Leoben did to you on New Caprica, or because you had a tough childhood. You know how I know? Because the Admiral loves you. That means you're not just a frak-up who can't keep her pants on. If you're frakking around with my husband, it's because you chose to."

Please note that Dee's most awesome, insightful, assertive speech in the entire season got cut. Talk about getting the short end of the Quadrangle stick.

But I also find it interesting that Dee knows Starbuck is responsible for her actions not because of her beliefs, or because of her observation of Starbuck's behavior, but because Admiral Adama loves Starbuck. We know Dee doesn't think the Admiral is always right - she's the one who straightened him out over splitting the fleet - so what's this about?

We know that Dee loves Admiral Adama. She tells Lee that one of the reasons she married him is that he's so much like his father. We also know that the last time she spoke to her father, they argued about her joining the military. So we can guess that maybe Dee, like just about everyone else on Galactica, is looking for a daddy who loves her. And since Adama thinks of the crew as his family... well, there's a reason fandom has nicknamed him Papadama. He fits the bill. And he does approve of Dee - he chose her out of everyone to be with him when he was struggling with the fleet break-up in Season 2, so he must have a high opinion of her.

But. He hasn't ever said she's like a daughter to him, has he? That's Starbuck (and Kat). Dee knows that Adama and Lee would risk the entire fleet to rescue Starbuck - they've done it - and that if he were here, Adama would have backed Lee up in ordering her to go risk her life for Starbuck. Here Dee is, Adama's real daughter-in-law, who is not a frak-up and who has always been there for the Adama boys, even when Adama was angry enough to split the fleet (or had a skeevy pornstache) and Lee was mopey and fat - and what thanks does she get? They still love Starbuck more and consider Dee expendable. Dee's still not part of the family. And Dee knows it.
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How to Ruin a Ship

First, I have not been able to get to my parents' house and watch the BSG they've been recording for me, so I haven't seen anything after "A Day in the Life." *is sad, but taking consolation in the fact that that means will be able to watch multiple episodes at once later*

Second, why the musical titles lately? I'm too young to remember that "Taking a Break from All Your Worries" is a line from the Cheers themesong, but I most definitely know that "A Day in the Life" is a Beatles song. Yes, the phrase isn't exclusive to them, but still. Why that song? I keep expecting the characters to start belting out the lyrics to "Yesterday." ETA: Oh yes, and "Dr. Roberts" is also a Beatles song. "You're feeling fine," indeed.

Third, the weirdest thing happened to me while watching "A Day in the Life": I suddenly saw what I think the writers intended me to see about Lee/Dee all along. This made me angry. Collapse )

In summary, this is how to ruin a canon ship:

1) Make at least half the couple underhanded and spineless to get it sailing in the first place.
2) Make another character die because of the new ship.
3) Ignore all previous character traits and dynamics that made the characters want to get together whenever they are onscreen.
4) Make the characters more concerned about how their ship compares to other ships they could be in instead of, you know, each other.
5) Make one character structurally subordinate to the other (as in, no plot or character concerns apart from the other's problems) even though they had been more equal before.
6) Stop giving the characters concerns other than their relationships, and try not to give them so many scenes with people outside the ships (unless they're talking about the ships).
7) In fact, have fewer scenes total which are not about the ships in general.
7a) To really up the shipping-scene quotient, make sure to give at least one character both past and present angsty relationships for one episode only, even if earlier episodes give no indication that they affect the character at all and they never come up again, even when this is one time you should be having the character compare his ships. See: Lee in "Black Market."

Have I missed anything?