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Women with lightsabers time!

Sooner or later, I'm actually going to watch these in order...

Anyway, on the episode with Ahsoka, Luminara, and Asajj.

- Hasn't Sidious always called Padme "Queen/Senator Amidala" when holoconferencing with his associates before? Maybe calling her Padme now is a slip into his Palpatine persona (in which he is her dear friend and mentor, and so probably on a first-name basis when they're hanging out in his office).

- Ahsoka really is turning into a baby Anakin. Not good! Another tragedy of the Clone Wars. (I'm inclined to blame Anakin's influence too.)

- Ahsoka calls Asajj a "bald wonder." Uh, Snaps? Has it escaped your attention that you are also bald?

- She also calls her a "bog witch." Now that's interesting. In the SW-verse, witches can actually exist, after all. Imagine some Force-sensitive who has managed to teach herself a few tricks, gotten ostracized by her neighbors, and now lives in the neighboring bog. Don't wander too far, kids, or the bog-witch will get you... Or alternatively, the locals are perfectly happy to have a local wise woman, but the Jedi have a long-held distrust of Force-users operating outside the Order. (Sometimes for good reason, no doubt, but also just because they don't trust anyone doing things so very differently.)

- Again, many echoes of imagery and lines from the movies. But not too blatant this time, so actually fun for me. Mostly atmosphere.

- Poor clones! And hm, bad Senate guard. This makes it even more tragic that the clones eventually get forced over to Palpatine's service. I loved the bit where the clone is the one to listen to the droid and remind the senate guard that droids hate being called by their nicknames. (Unless they like them, like Artoo? Or does Artoo secretly hate that?) Droids and clones have a lot in common :(

- Poor Ahsoka might have been better off with Luminara. Luminara seems like she can keep her head in a crisis - and perhaps more importantly, keep her temper in check, which Ahsoka appears to have as much trouble with as Anakin.
Tags: jedi, star wars, star wars: eu, star wars: prequels

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