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Fun times with General Grievous

I caught tonight's Clone Wars. Fortunately it was more or less stand-alone, since I've missed... uh, most of the episodes. Comments in no particular order:

- Yay, two aliens are the main characters this episode!

- ...and they both speak non-American-or-British (or Canadian or Australian or otherwise dominant) varieties of English. Iiiinteresting. At first it threw me - "Wait, why so Earth-specific in the accents, thus shaking me out of my immersion in this galaxy far, far away?" Then I went, "Duh, Anakin and Obi-Wan also speak very Earth-specific accents, but they're ones I've been trained to hear as unmarked and universal."

- Which of course led to, "So, the main characters in Star Wars, who are mostly white and/or male, are either American or British, ie of dominant English-speaking groups. They are our Everypeople. (Well, less so if they're British, because everyone knows the USA is the center of the universe. It's where the movies come from.) But if they are aliens or clones - ie other - then they speak the Englishes of non-dominant groups. Uh-huh." (Except Ahsoka, but she is closely tied to the American-accented Anakin and also the Everyteen.)

- This also raises the question of how the Jedi, all educated in the same building on Coruscant, end up with such wildly divergent accents. Especially with Kit Fisto and his FORMER APPRENTICE.

- Right, the plot. Dooku is being all cunning and chess-masterish! I love it! Using three sides against each other in a way that makes him the winner no matter what!

- Grievous designed this fortress with game designers in mind, didn't he? Shadowy corridors, doors to break down or otherwise circumvent, trapdoors leading to pits, monsters in the basement, a control center, princess Viceroy in another castle sry... check!

- Separatist hospitality? Separatist hospitality? Go on, throw in some more allusions to Earth wars that make no sense in context. Break that fourth wall.

- Dead Meat (Former) Apprentice quotes Vader while showing he's growing all hard and angry inside. I got it already, guys. Put those anvils down gently and no one gets hurt.

- Say, other than the holograms at the beginning, there are no women in this episode. Is/will there be an episode with Ahsoka and Luminara (was it her? just barely caught the beginning) doing whatever they're doing too?
Tags: star wars, star wars: prequels

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