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"Motherhood Is Deadly: Bonus Crossover Epilogue," gen

Title: Motherhood Is Deadly: Bonus Crossover Epilogue
Fandom: Star Wars, Harry Potter (Disclaimer)
Characters: Shmi, Padmé, Breha, Beru, Teneniel Djo, Mara, Merope Gaunt, Kendra Dumbledore, Tonks, Lily Potter
Categories: Gen, PG, Crossover
Word Count: 564
Summary: Mara and company wander into another section of the afterlife and discover that they aren't the only fandom with a Dead Mothers Club.

"What do you remember about the journey?" Breha asked one day as they ambled through the meadow to what they had designated as the east of their ever-expanding home.

"Just a feeling of lightness and relief," Shmi said. "I felt healthier than I ever have."

"Pain, and confusion," Padmé said. "I'm not even sure when I arrived, actually. I was trying to tell Obi-Wan... well, I thought I was saying something to Obi-Wan, and then when Shmi walked in I realized I wasn't in the medlab anymore."

"I remember everything fine," Mara said. "I could have sworn I saw my evil twin on the way over."

"That's strange," Beru said. "Now that you mention it, I thought I saw a woman like you on my way over too. I'd forgotten it until just now."

"Do you think you could find her?" Teneniel asked. "I'd like to meet someone new, and the description intrigues me."

Mara closed her eyes and reached out with the Force, searching for that faint trace she hardly remembered.

"Yes, there," she said. "I'll see if - "

An arched stone doorway appeared before them. It looked pre-industrial, with worn carvings and a wooden door. Evidently it had no mechanism to open it other than the large brass ring halfway up. They looked at each other. Then Mara shrugged. "Might as well." She grasped the ring and pulled.

It opened to a rough stone floor with a pillar visible just beyond. Mara stepped through, the others following. The vaulted ceilings would have made the room feel nearly as open as the meadow, if not for the narrow windows and the massive wooden furniture filling the room. Somewhere on the other side, a fire crackled.

Mara instinctively reached for her lightsaber when she noticed a young woman huddled on a chair in a shadowed corner under a meter away. She hadn't sensed her. The girl shrank back into the chair, mumbling something and clutching a stick. Mara had just enough time to note the lank hair and crossed eyes before the chair shot backwards and crashed against the wall.

"Kendra, it's your turn to check on Merope," a voice said from one of the armchairs near the fire. An imposing woman in a high-necked dress rose and crossed the room.

She raised her eyebrows a bit when she saw them, but waited until she reached them to speak. "I see we have unannounced visitors. Do you care to introduce yourselves?"

"Visitors? Where?" Another figure started to rise, then toppled over an end table. "Ow. You'd think this wouldn't hurt anymore."

"Maybe you should try imagining you're not clumsy. It might work here."

The third woman helped the second up and they dashed across the room. The clumsy one had short red hair, and the other longer. She superficially resembled Mara, her eyes even being the same shade of green, but on closer inspection they didn't look so much alike.

"I don't think I've ever seen so many redheads in one place," Mara said, looking from Teneniel Djo to the other two women.

"Will this help?" the short-haired one asked, her hair suddenly turning bright pink.

The remaining redhead rolled her eyes. "She does that a lot. You get used to it."

"Hardly," the imposing woman said.

"Anyway, whoever you are, it's nice to meet you. I'm Lily Potter."
Tags: beru lars, breha organa, fiction, gender, harry potter, merope gaunt, padme, shmi skywalker, star wars, star wars: eu, star wars: originals, star wars: prequels, tonks

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