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possibly the best TV show for when you're stuck on the couch

Thanks to my sister's excellent advice, I signed up for BritBox so I could watch Gardeners' World. I think I would like all my entertainment delivered by soothing British gardeners from now on. I mean, The Irregulars was fun too. But this show somehow offers the closest thing to the uplifting, restorative feeling you get from being in an actual garden while also somehow being really compelling. Learn how magnolias evolved to be pollinated by beetles because bees didn't exist yet that long ago! Also, how do you lay a terrace? What can you do if you only have a tiny front patio or a windowsill? What tools are really handy if you are gardening while using a wheelchair or otherwise unable to bend down or reach too far? How do you explain to a tree which branches it should put more or less energy into growing? How exactly do you take cuttings from different plants? So many ideas for people to try. Also, adorable dogs and cats frequently jump into frame.

This is especially handy right now because I'm recovering from a cold (which I don't even know how I caught, since I barely leave the house these days, but I can catch a cold at a hundred paces through a brick wall, so here I am). For me, even a minor cold means weeks of an irritating reactive cough whenever I move or talk, so I've been spending a lot of time on the couch propped at the exact angle that's easiest on my lungs watching Gardeners' World, and the show is probably more effective than almost all of the cough-soothing remedies I've ever tried. It makes being stuck on the couch relaxing rather than kind of a bummer.

If British people with soothing voices talking about plants and petting cute animals sounds at all appealing to you and you have a way to get ahold of the show, check this one out!
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