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Character Meme: Shmi Skywalker

From fialleril

Shmi Skywalker

1.) Do you like this character?
I do. She's compassionate, kind to strangers in need, wants what's best for her son even when it means losing him, sensible and practical, hard-working (getting up before dawn for mushrooms!), and can find serenity in a tough life while still being quick to seize opportunities to improve it.

On a meta level, though, a few things bother me... This trilogy is about Anakin, so it's understandable that we see most characters relating to his story. However, most of them also clearly have their own stories and opinions about non-Anakin topics: Obi-Wan has relationships with other Jedi and doesn't trust politicians, Palpatine wants to take over the galaxy, Padme is a politician and cares deeply about her people and principles (and would like a family, with or without Anakin), Yoda has younglings to train and a war to run, Qui-Gon follows the Living Force and takes in strays... even Jocasta Nu clearly has her own thing going.

Shmi, though... In The Phantom Menace, does she have any concerns besides Anakin? She never so much as mentions that So-and-So down the street might have Part X they could borrow for the podracer. Between movies, we know she got freed and married Cliegg, so she must have had her own life. But we don't even know whether the 30 neighbors tried to rescue her for her sake or for their old friend Cliegg's, or whether it's hard to run the farm without her (things that might legitimately come up in conversation onscreen). Other things that might legitimately have come up: when she says "[Anakin] deserves better than a slave's life" and "My place is here," is she slanting her message to her audience, or is she really resigned to deserving/belonging in a slave's life? Does she fight slavery in small ways, like fixing machines and selling handicrafts once she's free to help her friends in the Slave Quarter save toward their freedom and then hiring them as farmhands? Did she ever try to contact Anakin?

Shmi seems to exist in a bubble, relating to nothing, until Anakin shows up. And then she dies horribly to further his storyline. So while I think she is great and does a lot with the role, she still kinda is a Woman in the Refrigerator.

2.) What name(s) do you call this character?

3.) What image / color do you associate with character?
Image: Demeter
Color: Rich earthy browns

4.) What song do you associate with this character?
Hm. Maybe "Summer Breeze" by Seals & Croft? I don't know a lot of songs about quiet but strong motherly women. Anakin might think of Sting's "Desert Rose" in a non-romantic sense, maybe?

5.) What blood type do you think this character is?
How would I know? It's not like you can tell by looking! Uh, I'll say O- then, the universal donor.

6.) From all of the titles that feature this character, what other character do you think makes good pairing with this character?
Well, she and Qui-Gon seemed to hit it off - they both have that concern for the small living things. Doesn't have to be romantic, though. Cliegg is down-to-earth and practical. I think she and Breha and Bail might have been friends if they had known each other. She might have liked talking to Yoda - they'd disagree on a few things, like the nature and value of attachments, but I bet he would listen to her. I would also totally love to see how Han would react to her - he never ran into a mother-figure in his trilogy.

7.) What would you want to say to this character?
You deserve a better life too.

8.) What do you want to do with this character?
Bake cookies for great justice! We could have a fundraising/awareness-raising bake sale/craft fair/quick-stop electronics repair service to start a fund to buy slaves' freedom and find them jobs. We would branch out to secretly teaching slaves useful skills they can use to earn money while continuing the low-profit bake sales as a front. (Hey, you've got to travel to sell stuff, right?) We'd organize the slaves into neighborhood associations and such so they can work together to improve their lot - maybe make neighborhood pools to free each other one at a time.

And of course we'd also help them work together to figure out how to disable those dratted exploding implants.

9.) Please choose five friends with your choice of character.
Just let me know if you want to do the meme.
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